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“Vonu” was a freedom strategy coined and developed by Rayo, a pseudonymous self-liberator from the 1960’s/70’s. He began his journey to freedom as a member of the Free Isles Project, a group that researched the prospects/challenges associated with a libertarian country on an island or in the ocean somewhere. Eventually, the group disbanded and Rayo hit the road as a solo van nomad, spending time in the wooded wilderness of the Siskiyou Region. Sometime later on, he met his freemate, Roberta/Dr. Gatherer/Naomi Gatherer, and they made the radical move of living out of a tent in a “public” forest, mainly to avoid the scourge of “slave tags” (driver’s license, car registration, etc.), but also to decrease their interaction with the servile society.   More generally speaking, vonuans increase their invulnerability to coercion by making radical lifestyle changes – for examples, instead of a vulnerable apartment in a huge city or even a mortgaged-slave castle in the suburbs, a vonuan might live in a van, on a sailboat, or they might perpetually travel, using their mobility and flexibility as shields from opportunistic coercers.

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Vonu: n.,v. :`vau`new` : the condition or quality of, as well as the action of achieving, an invulnerability to coercion.